Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Party Food

Happy Halloween every one. I hope we all had a safe one and got plenty of candy. Today I am going to share with you some of the food my sister and mom and dad fixed for our Halloween celebration.

My sister made a moldy cheese ball. She used the link below for the recipe but rolled hers in dried parsley. She said it mellowed after it set a few hours so the dill is not that strong.

 Here are my Mom's Mouths. She took apples cut into wedges and glued them together with peanut butter. The teeth are candy corn.
 Here are snake sandwiches. They are made of crescent rolls and stuffed with ham and Muenster cheese. She finishes them with faces. The pictures are down below of the faces.
 These are little rubber eyeballs in the ice cubes for the drinks.
 This is cemetery dirt. Devils food pudding, Oreos, and gummy bugs.
 Devils Eyeballs. (Deviled egg with an olive in them)
 Here are the faces of the snakes. They have mustard under the olives to hold them on. The tongues are tomatoes. You can use red bell pepper.
 These are fingers. Mozzarella cheese sticks with almond sliver fingernails. They died the almonds red.
 These are mummy. Little Smokies with biscuits wrapped around them in strips.

They also served Buffalo Chicken Bites. They named them Witches Scabs.
 Here is Wesley the Pirate.
Rebekka is Clawdeen Wolf.


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