Monday, October 25, 2010

Allen's Allies   Here is the link to my page that I am doing once a month for Allen's Vegetable company. As you may know I don't endorse many companies at all. I either have to use it or like what they are doing to promote them in any way. I am very excited to be getting the privilege of doing a monthly  post about diabetes and how vegetables help you manage you blood sugar.

I love Allen's Vegetables. I grew up on them and use them in my cooking all the time.  My favorite is the seasoned turnip greens. They take all the work out of them plus I cant grow them as the live stock here always gets out and eats them. The goats, the horse, the pigs, the chickens  and the neighbors cows. I just gave up on having them. lol.

Now the kids are fighting on what vegetable to try next. When I asked Wesley if he would try lima beans he said only if I put them on icecrean and covered them with chocolate. He was watching Scooby Doo at the time. He later said he would eat any thing but beets and brussle sprouts.  I know what ever we try next will be good. I did not know that they had so many different types of vegetables or brand names.

Princella Sweet Potatoes
Royal Prince Sweet Potatoes
Steam Supreme
Sugary Sam
Allen's Sunshine
Wagon Master
Allens Butterfield
Crest Top
East Texas Fair
Freshlike Select
Happy Chef
Popeye's Spinach  Here is their home page. You can get to the Allies program thru here or you can go to their great recipe page.

So please take the time and explore their web site and tell me what is your favorite Allen's vegetable. I am interested to know.