Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Learning To Adapt In The Kitchen

We have all been there. We run out of time, don't have an ingredient we need, something doesn't work out like we want, or like me tonight my oven catches fire. (I will explain that one below) We all have learned to adapt in the kitchen. Here is my adaptation.

Corn bread cakes. My oven has been acting up a little (the thermostat is messed up) Well tonight it decided to set the cast iron skillet on fire. Hubby  had to sit there and let the grease burn out before we could do any thing. I had just put a little bacon grease in the skillet and shut the door. I mixed up my corn bread mix and opened the door to pour it into the skillet. That is when it flamed up. So I adapted. After we got the fire out I made the corn bread batter into pancakes. I fried them on top of the stove.  (The oven is now out of order until it can be fixed.)

What is your adaptation story? What did you come up with that was probably better than what you had planned.