Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday cooking

I get to cook on the weekend more than during the week. Today I had extra time so I took full advantage. Here are the two things I made today. For lunch I made homemade corn dogs and for dinner I made Chicken pot pie.

Here are my mini corn dogs. I cut hot dogs in half so they fit in the fry pot better. I just made a corn bread batter and added chili powder and crushed red pepper to it. Next time I am adding cream corn and cheese to the batter. I scored points today with these. My hubby actually ate these and gave a compliment. (Remember he is the picky one in the family:) )

This is my go to meal when I have canned vegetables and chicken thighs. The vegetables can vary according to taste. I have even added mushrooms and brocolli to this. I made a drop biscuit dough this time. I swap back in forth from a standard pie crust to biscuit dough. Half the family likes the biscuit the other half the pie crust.
Today I boiled chicken thighs until done.(I like thighs for the fat they have.) I took half the broth that made and boiled my potatoes and onion until fork tender. I made a rue out of butter and flour. Add a little milk and chicken broth to it. (Enough to coat the vegetables) I added my vegetables and chicken to this. (I added potatoes, onion, green peas, carrots, green beans and corn. (Make sure you drain the cans of vegetables.) I mixed all of this together and poured into a casserole dish. I then made biscuit dough and spread on top. I baked until the biscuits were brown and the inside was bubbly.

You can leave out the milk and the butter if you would like. Just add flour to a little of the chicken broth as a thickener. You can also use puff pastry or canned biscuits for the topping. I made enough filling today to have another one this week or can freexe the filling for later use.


lifeshighway said...

I love chicken pot pie, I want to try this recipe.