Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bacon, Porkchops and Green Beans.

Today was a busy day. I had to go get my car tested and order parts for it. I had to pray the whole time it would make it home. So I went to one shopping center and got what I needed. (It had the parts place, the Chinese restaurant and the Grocery store.)  It is not my normal grocery store but I go there every once in a while. I was glad I did today. I got a great deal on some bacon. 10 lbs for $14.90 which comes out to $1.49 a pound. That is a lot of bacon for most people but I use it in a lot of things when I have it. The grease for beans, the bacon for breakfast, in vegetables, wrapped around stuff.  My 6 yea old son will fight you for it so I do not buy it that often. This is a treat for them.

 I ended up cutting it in half and then putting it in freezer bags. It is better to buy somethings in bulk. Exspecially if you know how to freeze it and you use alot of it. You can precook some of this bacon and freeze it on cookie sheets (so it will be flat). Then freeze it in single layers between wax or butcher paper. That way you have it ready for sandwiches or quick breakfasts.

Dinner tonight was a quick one. I pan seared some porkchops. I use a weight to weigh them down while cooking them. (pic below) This weight is a bacon press that I found at the Goodwill. It is Cast Iron so it has some weight behind it. If you do not have one of these use another skillet to lay on top of the pork chops. You will be glad you took the extra effort.

 Here is what they look like when they are cooked. I start out with a rocket hot pan. Very little oil (almost none if the pan is nonstick if I use cast iron I use a little more.) These just have a little salt and pepper on them. If hubby wants BBQ I put them in the oven under the broiler with a little sauce on them for a few minuets a side when they are still hot out of the pan.
This is Green Beans and Bacon. I drain and rinse my canned green beans before doing this. I cook them down until they shrink in size to about half. This is not that healthy but we only eat them this way about once a month. I usually cook them in the crock pot in chicken stock and onions.