Monday, November 1, 2010

Wesley's Bean Salad

I always keep some sort of dried beans or peas cooked and in the fridge. Tonight I was going to make bean salad. My 6 year old son loves to help so this is his bean salad. It was his idea to add the pickled banana peppers and it made the salad that much better.

In the salad is pintos, drained, Canned diced tomatoes (drained and because fresh are not in season), onion, pickled banana peppers. (not hot and home canned), and Caribbean Jerk Season. Then enough Mayo to coat. (I did not put measurements because you can make as much as you would like or just use a can of pintos, tomatoes and a small onion for a small batch.)

I have added some cubed ham on occasions but tonight was Meatless Monday so I left it out and did not miss it. If you let it chill over night the flavors mellow together nicely.