Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cow Boy Chocolate Cake

Today the Kids and I decided we needed a chocolate cake. We like to make them from scratch. This one is easy to make, uses ingredients I keep for baking, and turned out really well. This makes two layers. So I made one with Dried peppers in it and the other one normal.  This is the link to the recipe for this cake. It is Hershey' recipe.

Here are all the dry ingredients mixed together.
Here is one Mulano pepper (mild with a hint of chocolate taste) and some Crushed Red Pepper flakes. I added half to the cake mix and sprinkled the other half on top of the icing.
This is the batter after the wet ingredients have been added. It is a looser type batter than a normal cake batter.
Here is the finished cake.
Here is the regular cake iced.
Here is the end results of the cow boy cake. Sweet with the heat makes a great taste.


lifeshighway said...

I make a version of cowboy cake that is ultra-chocolate-y but I have never heard of putting peppers in the the mix. Sounds really good but I wonder if it would be a crowd pleaser dish for those events when you have to bring a cover dish.