Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eggs In A Window

Here is one of my sons favorite foods. I had to make it for almost a year every morning. It is an Egg in a Window, Egg in a basket or the million different names it goes by all over the world.  I use Texas toast, free range eggs (our own), butter, salt, and shredded cheese. I cut a hole in the bread. Rebekka uses cookie cutters in different shapes (heart, flowers)

 Here it is in the frying pan. I wait until the white starts to bubble up and set around the yolk before I turn it. When I turn it I add the cheese to the top side. (just enough to melt a little)
I never waste the holes either. I fry them too here is a finished one ready to eat.

This is a super cheap meal. I get eggs for free (from my chickens) I buy the Texas toast at the store when they run their bread for $0.50 a loaf. I stock up on all types of bread. I like the Texas toast better for this as it holds the egg better and is a little heartier than the thin sliced bread.