Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tostadas Byrd Style

Yesterday was National Taco Day. But since (Like always) I am a day late and a dollar short I made something like that today.

 Here are the tostadas I used. I found these great ones at The Dollar General for $1.45. These are very crunchy with out being heated up.
 Here is a picture of my taco meat I made. It is 2 pounds of hamburger meat, two packages on taco seasoning (one hot one mild) and a package of dried onion soup. I brown the meat and drain the grease. (If it is still frozen then I boil it and it removes more grease this way.) I then follow the taco package instructions as to how much water and how long to cook it.
 Here Bekka is putting meat on some tostadas before they go into a hot oven. I pull them out when they are sizzling and you can see some oil around the sides of the tostada.
 Here is the toppings I used. I used cheese too but it did not make it into the picture. There is onion, taco sauce, lettuce, tomato, avocado (Rebekka style) and ranch dressing. Some times we use sour cream.
 This is the Rebekka style Avocados. She mashes them and adds a pinch of salt to them.
Here is one put together.

I make enough filling to use again in quesidillas or more tacos and such. This is a favorite meal of my family.