Friday, July 8, 2011

Pumkin the Goat

First let me apologize foe the pictures. My camera was being a butt again today and would not even come on so Bekka took the pictures with her camera.

This is Pumpkin the newest member of the Byrd Family Zoo. She is half milk goat and half boer goat. She is a little strange. She doesn't like to get treats normal goats like. She wants corn and grass and weeds. She is giving milk right now and from what I have been told she will for about 10 months. I get about 2 pints a day. One pint for each side.  This is cool to me and the kids but Hubby said no way was he drinking it or eating any thing with it. We told him that was fine we will just make goat cheese.  She is a needy pet like Smokie. If the kids leave her sight she hollars for them. She is off the back porch steps right now so she can hear them in the house. I am hoping she will get out of that a little bit. It makes her easy to milk but she has horns and I know she knows how to use them.

I am having fun learning how to milk and Pumpkin is having fun learning to let me milk her. Today she decided to drink her milk when I wasn't paying attention. I have been putting a little bit in a pint jar as we go so she doesn't step in it or kick it over. Today  I started milking and she just turned her head and started to drink out of the bowl. I let her have it with out argument. But I will fight her when I get close to having enough to make some cheese. (Yes I will blog the steps and show it off if it works that is.)

The only other issue Pumpkin is having is Handme. He wants to get to know her because he protects all the live stock. She flips out when he walks any where near her. They had a staring contest today and the goat won.

Ok I am going to admit the most redneck thing I have done in a while. I went and got her in my car. Yes you heard it. I put her in the back seat of my car. I only went a mile down the road but yes she could have used the restroom in there, or threw a fit in there. But she liked riding. She stood up in that back seat and surfed. She actually wanted to go further than that. She may take Smokies place in the car. Can you see me riding to town with a goat in my car. I bet no one would steal my car. And Wesley's whole take on the goat besides the free milk. She is a mobile lawn mower, an instant fertilizer, and a green way to do both. I think everyone should have a goat in theirr yard.

Here is a picture of Wesley and one of his chicks. Out of 10 of them about half of them will ride on his shoulder. The others will ride on his arm. He has them spoiled and they hollar for him. He is good with the chickens and ducks and Bekka is good with the Turkeys.