Friday, July 15, 2011

Salmon Patties

Today we made one of Wesley's Favorite meals. Salmon Patties.

 I started with the whole can salmon. Yes you can buy it already boned in the can. I prefer it with the bones in it because I think it taste better.
 I picked the bones out of it. You can leave the little round bones in it if you like the crunch. I know people that just put the whole thing in  there bones and all. I drain the juice into the patties too. I wasted nothing. The bones went to the chickens in the pen. They were really happy.
 I then added an egg and some self rising flour. Just enough flour to make a paste and do not stir to much or they get a funky texture. You can add corn meal to it instead of flour. Hubby does that when he makes them.
 We fried them in a little butter in the frying pan.
 Here is what they look like when they are done. They make great sandwiches when left over. My mom served these with horseradish ketchup, mashed taters and Green peas. Tonight we served them with fries.
You can also take the batter and roll it into balls and then roll them in corn meal and deep fry them. This is Wesley's preferred way of eating them.