Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kashi TLC Pita Crisps

I get food samples in the mail alot. It took me a while to convince my 6 year old son that the Mail lady was not the one leaving him food in that box at the end of the drive way. Today we got a box of Kashi TLC Original 7 Grain with Sea Salt Pit Crisps.

 Here is the out side box.
 Here is the box that was inside. I am guessing this is what they look like in the store.
Here is the nutritional facts. For about 7 crisp there are 120 calories. 25 of those calories are from fat. 3 grams of fat 1 gram polyunsaturatedfat. No cholesterol. Sodium 180 mg. Total Carbs 22 grams. 5 grams fiber, 2 grams sugar and 3 grams protein. The best part is they have 10 grams whole grain.
This is the size and shape of them. They have sea salt on one side. Just enough to get that salty taste with out it being over whelming. They will hold up to a thick dip nicely.

I gave some to each family member with out any dip. Hubby said they had good taste but just a little hard. Bekka said they had a good taste. Wesley did not slow down enough on them to tell me what he thought. He just kept grabbing one. That means he thought they were good. I love the taste. They are a little hard by them selves but they will hold up to a thick dip and that is really what I like about them.  They have recipes on their site at 

I am thinking about using them for a crust on a cheese ball. I think it would give a good nutty flavor and add some nutrition to the party.

* These thoughts about this product are all my own. I was not paid or given any compensation for this blog post.