Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smoking on the Gas Grill

I am a Grilling is Happiness Ambassador for Sears and @Flipgrillman. They are having a contest  
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I won one of the Weekly prize packages. I got this lovely smoker box and wood chips as part of the package. (The rest will be unveiled as I use it.) So I decided to make smoked pork chops.
I took the chips and soaked them for around 30 minuets. I drained them really well and placed them in the box. I placed the cover on it and put it on one of the burners under the grill rack. I turned that one on high to make the wood chips smolder. It took a few minuets but I started to get smoke.

You can see the smoke coming out of the box. The pork chops are off to the side on low heat in the middle and no heat on the third burner. This way I can control the heat. This gave the Pork a wonderful smoky flavor. The cutlets that were cubed like cube steaks picked it up more than the pork chops but they both tasted really good. The important part is to keep the grill closed as much as possible or the smoke escapes into the air. While this makes the yard smell good it doesn't do any thing for the meat.

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