Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grilling using the Freezer Challenge

I am still going thru the freezers and cleaning them out. I did have to buy sugar, tea, corn meal and flour besides the milk, eggs, and butter for this week. I also decided to save energy and grill meat for 4 meals at one time.
On the Grill there is a lot of meat. When I lifted the lid my husband just smiled at what he saw. There is a pork roast for sandwiches, pork chops for dinner, deer tenderloin for jambalaya, and neck bones for bean soup. I had the smoker chips on on side of the grill. I had that one side on low. I slow cooked this for several hours. the pork roast took longer than any thing else but it is three times the size of everything else too. This is all out of the freezer. I made a dent in the small chest freezer, The large chest freezer will take a while.
We used sausage out of the freezer for biscuits, gravy and sausage for breakfast. The kids have found Popsicles that have fallen down in the freezer, candy that I stash back every holiday. (Still finding that) Wesley found waffles in there for breakfast one morning. I figure I will have to get can goods before running out of meat and some vegetables out of the freezer.
We are also eating out of our garden. Tomatoes, okra, corn and a few green beans are coming it. We actually got two eggs today. The chickens have boycotted due to the weather.
If you do a blog post regarding the freezer challenge please let me know and I will link it to a post.
This post was inspired by the Sears: Grilling Is Happiness Ambassador Program at


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