Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grilled Steaks/ Date Night

Tonight was the first date night hubby and I have had in a long time. Since he worked all day we decided to cook steaks on the grill at the house. Since I was gone over half the day I cheated and went to Pete's Meat in Loretto Tennessee. This is where I love to go to get my fresh meats. This is also where we had our hogs processed. Today I went in and asked for two marinated steaks. (I think he marinates them in Gorge Jones Steak Marinade.) They are always in a huge tub in the meat case. He out did his self today.

 Here are the two steaks I got. They are about an inch thick. I told hubby that he gave us half a cow each.

Here is mine when finished. All I added was a little steak dust to them. You did not even need a knife to cut them. Notice I did not put any side items with mine except the mushrooms. That steak was enough for lunch and dinner.

And no I did not share these at all. I was very selfish tonight lol.

Also do not forget the Grilling contest that @Flipgrillman has going on. The link to the blog post is below.

This post was inspired by the Sears: Grilling Is Happiness Ambassador Program at

Also to share the thrift store find of the month. A brand new Lodge 15 1/4 inch Cast Iron Skillet for $20. They are normally $64 on their site. I can not wait to use it on the fire while camping.