Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Knowing where your food comes from

It is important to us as a family to know where our food comes from. We try to raise alot of our own food. We have raised vegetables, chickens and hogs. Now we are raising ducks and turkeys. I am proud to say if I raise them I know what they have eaten, been injected with, and how they were treated.

We try very hard to raise a huge garden every year. We raised hogs and are planning to get more. We are also planning on getting a milk cow and a beef cow in the near future. If I can not grow it I read labels, study my GMO foods so I try not to buy them, and try to buy local. is a great place to look for farms near you.

Today we have 4 additions to the Byrd Farms Line Up. (Pics below.)
We got two turkeys. One male, one female. The kids named them Mr. and Mrs. Gibble Gobble. They are brood stock. They are tame and love to be petted. (This is good when you have children) We had fun this afternoon watching the male run the old rooster around the pen. The new rooster fluffed up once and backed down. The Turkeys are waiting for their new pen.  We also got 2 mallards. I think they are named Mike and Sally Mallard from Point Mallard Water Park in Decatur AL.

We already have 14 other ducks (Peking and Mallard) we have raised off the eggs from the Mallards and some Pekings from the same people we got the Turkeys and Mallards from. These are going to be our egg layers. We also have one Turkett from the turkeys we raised in the incubator. Rebekka calls it Turkett. If it is a boy she will name it Turkit. It is also being tamed. It loves to be held.

 Mrs. Gibble Gobble
 Mr. Gibble Gobble
Mike and Sally Mallard