Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fresh Fish Balls and Vacation

Around the first of May we went on a family vacation to Gulf Shore/ Orange Beach Alabama. While we were there we went fishing. Hubby, Rebekka and some random stranger on the State Pier caught some fish. They called them blues. And one Spanish mackerel. We decided to cook them tonight. We fried the Blues. We also made hush puppies and french fries. Since I only had one Mackerel I decided to make a fish patty type food with them. Here is what I came up with.

 These are the fish balls.  I steamed the fish until done. I then picked all the tiny bones. (It ended up about 1/12 or 2 cups) I added a tablespoon of Mayo, 8 saltine crackers (crushed up), and one egg. It formed a paste. I loosely rolled them into little balls. (So as not to pack the filling.) I then rolled them into corn meal and deep fried them until they were golden brown and delicious. It made 30 little balls.

Fried Blues and Homemade hush puppies.

The hush puppies are onion, cornmeal, flour, egg, ketchup, and a can of cream corn. You can add jalapeno to them if you want it to have a little kick.  There is no measurements. I just mix them until they are kind of thick. I test one in the oil. I then adjust the mix until I get it where I want.

While we were on vacation we ate out once a day. There are a lot of good restaurants down there but we have three we always go to. Here are their web sites.

Lulu's    At Lulu's Rebekka and I always get the fried basket for two. It is more than enough food to share with three people or more. Hubby always gets the Cheeseburger in Paradise. He swears that is the best burger around. He also looks forward every year for the day we go to Lulu's.

Original Oyster House  It depends on our moods as to what we get here. It is all good. They have a great salad bar.

Cosmos  This is a great place that is off the beaten path. I had the fish taco wrap, Rebekka had the Chicken Roulade, and Hubby had the Cuban sandwich. This is the place to go for beer to. They have a long list (longer than any place up here but I live in the middle of nowhere).

Moe's BBQ I like thier BBQ but thier sides were the best thing.  The Grit Casserole and the Tater Salad were my favorite. The Banana pudding was Wesley's He had to have two of them.

Brett/Robinson  Here is where we always stay. They are nice properties and beaches. You do not find the rough, loud, disrespectful party atmosphere here. After 10 at night it is quiet. They have indoor pools, outdoor pools, hot tubs, and other amenities. We always try to stay at the Phoenix V. That is just a tradition with us. We have stayed at others but always go back to the same one.


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your food looks delicious! I think I could down about 20 of those fish balls. :)