Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy, Busy,Busy

I have been so busy lately that I have been doing good to get on Twitter. With that and being a computer down until today. (Yes I have to share with the kids and their school work when one is down.) I thought you would be ready for an update.

First is the Allen's Allies article for this month went up yesterday.  It is on Bean Burgers. When we make these the kids fight over them.  This is a recipe the hubby will not eat as it has mushrooms in it. But the kids and I are ok with this as it means more for us.

The second is: I know I have been slacking on blogging. I have posted what we have for dinner and sometimes lunch on twitter. I am @waylandcook there. I have been really busy with cleaning house, school work, and getting ready for the trip to Disney. Yes we leave on Dec. 1st. Hubby will be here 8 days by his self. This may be interesting. He is planning on slaughtering hogs with a friend while we are gone. This also means he has to do the laundry, clean up after his self and feed his self. (Yes I know when I get home my house will look like a teenager threw a huge party. lol)  I will be in a wheel chair when we get back. I have Wesley all by my self this time. Rebekka is 14 and not to bad to keep up with. Wesley is in a hurry every time we go some place.  This is going to be fun but a lot of work. At least this time it wont be so hot. Wesley is thrilled this time too. He is tall enough to ride all the rides. He is sadly mistaking about a few he thinks he is riding. The Tower of Terror is on his list but is not on mine with him. I rode it with Bekka last time and she had her eyes closed the whole time. I can not imagine a 6 year old riding it. He thinks he is big. He has to be told he is not quite a bit lately.

The third thing and the biggest I saved for last. I am now the Tennessee State Mom for MomTV. This is a huge honor. Here is the twitter address @TennesseeMoms .  The web page is  There is a facebook page too. I will post that one as soon as I get it.  I will be doing videos (Yes you can hear me and see me now). When I told Hubby that the biggest fear I have is sounding to much like a red neck he tells me to just not holler at the kids while I was taping my video. He said I can hear it now. Hey yall kids stop that I am shooting a video here and get that pig out of this house.

I will keep everyone posted on when I get a video up. It should be some time after this weekend. I am thinking about shooting it Sunday when the kids are gone if hubby will behave. I think he will have to much fun the first time around.