Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Years Challenge

Rebekka and I were talking yesterday while grocery shopping. We have cut out alot of junk food, almost all Corn Syrup, and alot of fats and meat. We have upped the amount of vegetables in the house and stopped frying every thing. We were wondering what we could give up for the new year. (Preparing early on this one so I can get my fill before then I guess.) We decided to give up fast food for at least a year.

The fast food of which we speak is any restaurant that has a drive thru or a walk up counter to order. This does not include the Chinese restaurant or sit down restaurants where they actually serve vegetables. (I get my kids to eat alot of vegetables by eating out and letting them make their own choices.)

We are going to start on January 1st. We are going to keep track of what we eat and where the whole year. I will post it at least weekly. If we can do that we will be doing even better on our food budget and the way we eat. Right now as it stands we do not eat fast food but maybe 2 times a month. During the shopping for the holidays it increases a little and on vacation.

Please let me know if you are interested in joining us on our journey. I will make sure every one knows that you are on board with us and lets see just how many people we can get to stop the fast food nightmare.