Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ragu French Bread Pizzas

Growing up my mom use to make us French Bread Pizzas. I use to love them it was one of my favorite meals. Today when I went to order Wesley's Birthday cake I found some great bread loaves at the bakery. They are not French bread but and Italian Loaf and one that was unnamed. They were day old loafs. (They make the better french bread pizzas.)

 The sauce I used was Ragu Sweet Italian Sausage and Cheese. I was going to use both. One on each pizza but the kids voted to keep the chunky Mushrooms for lunch time pasta. (Remember hubby doesn't like mushrooms at all.) I picked Ragu because we like the fact they have so many flavors, it is not that sweet type of sauce, and it is always good quality. Plus there is 2 servings of vegetables in some of them. (Hubby will get those veggies after all.)
 Here is one of the loaves of bread I used. They are about the same size. Rebekka cut them in half length wise. She then put a light coating of butter on them and toasted them to crunch up the crust a little. You can use olive oil here and I have put garlic down on it too at this point.

Rebekka then spread the sauce added cheese and one one loaf she added a mix of sausage and hamburger meat. She added pickled Banana peppers to one third of them. (These are great to customize for people)

Here is the plain cheese type for those of us not into ground meat.

I find these are great blank canvas for left overs. I love adding extra veggies to mine when I have them. I have used Alfredo sauce on them for the sauce. It is normally what I have on hand that can be put on a pizza that would not offend any one in the house.  After sitting in the Doctors office all day I decided to make something quick and easy. I also wanted something really good. I think this passed as a family meal because there wasn't any leftovers not even for the dogs.