Friday, August 5, 2011

7 Day Croissant Review

Yep Another Review. Same rules apply. No one asked me my opinion, I bought this item with my own money. I drove my own car to the Dollar General, and paid for the gas too. No one held a gun to my head telling what to say. I am not getting paid to say this.

Now as for the quality of the pictures I am sorry. I took them in a poorly lite room with a very crappy camera (I have to hold the battery door shut on it to take pictures) and I was fending off two kids that had already ate their croissant.

I went to the Dollar General today to pick up some milk and cheese for the chili. I decided since I banned most junk food in the house I needed a junk food fix. I was rolling thru the isle and found these little Beauties. They are called 7 Days Soft Croissants with chocolate cream filling. I am not a big croissant person. There is none that I have found that have held a candle to the ones we get while at Disney for breakfast or sometimes snack. I get croissants for sandwiches every once in a while but like I said not a huge fan. Then I found these (See Below)

  Here is what made me pick it up. The lovely design on the package and the chocolate so lovingly taunting me. See it calls your name. I looked up 7 Days but could not find them but on the back of the package is the name Vivarti. They have a Wikipedia page. (Hint hit the word Vivarti and it will take you there.) The package says Westchester Illinois.

 It is a nice size croissant. It is not to big that it will make you sick when you eat the whole thing. It is shiny on the out side and soft and squish. (The package says not to microwave it) It has a great smell when you open the package.
It has just the right amount of chocolate too. It has the right mouth feel for a good croissant. I cant explain that texture you just know it when you put it in your mouth. Now as for price I paid a dollar a piece. I probably pay way more than that for the ones at Disney. (I normally get the dining plan so I have no clue what they cost.)

I got about half of a half before my kids stormed in and took it from me. They had an excuse ready. I am Diabetic and I am in no way supposed to eat something like that.

Here are the nutrition facts for those who look for those things like me. Serving size 1, Calories is 330 from fat 190, 22 g fat 12 saturated fat trans fat 0, cholesterol 15mg sodium 95mg, total carbs 32g, dietary fiber 1g, sugars 14g protein 4g vitamin A 10%, Vitamin c0% Calcium 4% Iron 6%

The ingredients list has a few word that I cant read but not as many as I am use to seeing. It contains wheat, soy, eggs and milk.

I see this one making it thru the junk food ban. My reasons is because it has Protein, Iron, calcium, Vitamin A, and Fiber. My children really enjoyed them. They get a thumbs up.