Thursday, August 4, 2011

House of Jerky Review

First off let me do all the legal crap. I won this sample on twitter. I was not asked to do a review. The opinions in this blog are that of my children and myself. No one held a gun to my head and made me do this review, no one asked me to do this review. No one told me what to say or when to say it.  I did not get paid to do this review. Ok on to the more important things.

We left this morning to the UPS truck going down our road. The first thing out of Rebekka's mouth is they better not have that beef Jerky on that truck. If they leave it on the front porch Hamdme will eat the whole box. Thankfully it came in the mail box. Handme has not yet found out how to open it.

 We received two packages of Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky. This happens to be Wesleys favorite flavor.  Rebekka, Wesley and I opened one of the packages, (I hide the other for later) They opened the package. They said it had a great smell to it. Then they tore into the package. They decided they liked it a whole lot better than any thing they have tried before. I like that it comes in a resealable package. (Not that that matters in this house.) Here is what the Beef Jerky Council said: The taste got a thumbs up, the texture got a thumbs up, The size of the servings got a thumbs up, The flavors and smell  got a big thumbs up.

 Here is another good thing. It has no preservatives in it at all. I can pronounce everything it has in it. It also has 380 mgs of sodium which is low for beef jerky.
Here you can see it is whole pieces of beef. The texture is soft and chewy not that hard dry texture like you get in some store bought beef jerky.

They not only have Beef Jerky. They have several other types. You need to go to  I think we may order a sample pack to try out the other kind they have. Beef, BuffaloVenison, Wild Boar, Salmon,Alligator, Turkey and variety packages.  They even have Jerky for Soldiers Angels  Where you can send some to a solider that you know.

This would also make a great gift. (Yes that is a hint to mt Family members lol) So stop by and give them so love.