Friday, April 15, 2011

Salt Free Fish Taco

Since I am on a low sodium diet I have to be inventive. Today Rebekka and I made a Salt free Fish Taco. This has sodium in it but no added salt. Just about every thing has sodium in it.

I made salsa with jalapenos (from a jar), onion, garlic, and two cans of tomatoes. (I added no salt but if you are not restricted I would add it.) The fish is pan fried in olive oil and salt free garlic and herb seasoning. (I think it is Mc Cormick but I have several herb mixes that I am playing with.) The cheese is the thing with the most sodium in it. The tortilla is pan fried on one side in olive oil. 

My favorite pick me up to any dish is sriracha. It adds spiciness to my dishes. I always add it after I cook something. The thing I am struggling with is the lack of taste in salt free foods. I found a few low sodium snack foods that I can have.  I am planning on spending extra time at the grocery store this weekend minus kids to look around and hunt some more snack down. I have to eat every three hours to keep my blood sugar regulated. I have a hard time doing that due to the fact I would always skip meals. I don't feel like eating every three hours so I am making my self eat something. Some times it is just a hand full of veggies, or a piece of cheese.

I am planning on going over the low sodium diet restrictions this next week. I will put together ideas and ask for suggestions if any one has any please feel free to comment. If you have a blog post on this subject please let me know and I will put it up for every one to see.