Friday, April 15, 2011

Salt free Porkchop, mushrooms and asaparagus

Tonight I had sauteed Mushrooms (in olive oil), pan roasted asparagus in roasted garlic powder, and a pan fried pork chop with cheese and left over salsa from the fish tacos.  This is my main meal for the day.

The up side to eating this way is my blood sugar levels are staying right at 190. Yes that is a little high but it beats 500. I limit my carbs, and no sugar, salt or little caffeine (If I got off caffeine no one could live with me)

I eat a carb for my night snack to keep my blood sugar from crashing at night. (It likes to do that about 2:30 in the morning)

For dessert I try to make sugar free pudding and cool whip. Cool whip has little sugar in it and I can eat something that is sweet. I only do this every once in a while because I am not a big sweet eater.