Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where I have Been

I know some of you were wondering what happened to me. So I decided to tell you what I have been thru since January.

In January I was put in the hospital due to my kidneys shutting down. They decided at this time I was going to need Dialysis. So I had to decided if I wanted to do Hemo (blood) or Peritoneal (using your peritoneal cavity and osmosis). After a week or so of thinking I decided to go with Peritoneal.

So in February I had out patient surgery to have a catheter placed in my belly. The worst part of this was that it hurt when I would go do any thing at all for a bout a week. It was bearable but I was not exactly happy about it.

I started Dialysis at home at the end of Feb. I will tell yall later about how I do the dialysis and what is involved but for now just know that it takes 9 hours out of a day to do it and you do it every day.

It took a few months to actually get use to it.  It is alot of setting up machines, changing diets, Drs. appts. and learning what you can and cannot do.

I have also been in and out of the hospital. They still don't know exactly why I got sick after starting Dialysis. Basically I threw up straight for 2 and a half months. They finally got it under control. That is the best weight loss diet out there but due to being so sick for so long now I am in Physical Therapy to gain muscle strength back so I can walk with out falling. Yes you read that right I can not walk very long with out falling down, cant get off of the floor by my self , ect....  

So as you see right now it has all snow balled into this great adventure. I never expected it to be easy but right now it is kicking my butt. I am jumping thru the hoops for being on the transplant list and following Drs orders. It is taking a lot out of me and I will write on here when I get a chance and keep every one updated.