Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seafood Gumbo and Gluten Free Cereal

Today I got this Chex Honey Nut Cereal in the mail. They are Gluten free. More important is that they passed Wesley's test. After 4 bowls thru out the day he decided they were great. I decided they were good when he did not ask for more sugar on them and cleared out all 4 bowls. 

 The other big thing with this cereal is that I can pronounce and identify all the ingredients.

For dinner I made Seafood Gumbo.  I started out with shrimp and crawfish shells and a chicken backbone. I boiled them on low all day on the wood heater (yesterday). I double strained this. I made a rue with 1 cup real butter and 1 cup flour. This was what too so long and alot of Patience. I made it on the wood heater. I got it to the color of dark peanut butter. I added it to the broth. I then added one bag of frozen okra, three cans of organic Italian seasoned diced tomatoes, shrimp, crawfish, crab meat, jalapeno sausage, and an onion. I cooked on low on the wood heater all day. Stirring every hour or so. I then added a little Cajun seasoning and salt to taste.