Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years

Happy New Years everyone. I hope it was a great one for everyone.

On New Years you are supposed to eat hog jaw, black eyed peas, and turnip greens. That is exactly what we had for dinner tonight. Along with corn bread of course.

I fix my turnip greens (when I find them fresh) in the southern way. I wash them and make sure there is no grit on them. I then boil them in water until they get limp and the water turns green. I drain off the water and put the turnip greens back in the pot. I cover the with broth. (Chicken or Vegetable) I then add smoked pork to them. (either bacon or hog jaw) You can add liquid smoke in them if you are Vegetarian. I have seen people add smoked turkey legs. I then cook them down until they basically fall apart.

After the turnip greens are gone I use the pot liquor in soups. If you have a cold it is great heated up with crushed red pepper and a little crushed garlic in it.