Friday, March 16, 2012

Update:Long Story Made Short

Yes I am still alive. I have been sick since December and in and out of the hospital. I am now starting Dialysis at home. The type I am trying is called PD or peritoneal Dialysis. I have a machine I can hook up to and do it at night. I finally finished all my training and my Catheter is healed so I can start. This type of Dialysis is not the type where it cleans the blood by taking it out and putting it thru a machine. This type puts fluid in your belly and uses osmosis to take the bad stuff out.

I have not been cooking alot lately. The biggest reason is my blood and vitamins are all messed up. I do not feel good and cant eat like I use to. They are working on getting me straightened out and working on my diet. As soon as I get back to normal I will be posting recipes that I use to stay on track with carbs, potassium, phosphates, sodium and so on.

I will also be posting on traveling with all this equipment and trying to find food when I am out. We have two vacations planned this year. One is to the beach and one is to Disney. (Yes We got the Free Dining plan and now I can not wait!!) 

Since I have posted we have lost our Dear Handme. He just disappeared. We now have two Black Lab Husky mixes and were lucky enough to get a puppy that is Handme' baby. His name is Micheal Paul and he is black with a little white on him. I will be posting pics of them as soon as I get them to sit still enough. 


Deray said...

Amy! Good to hear from you! I hope you can get all your blood levels to normal real soon! {{hugs}}