Thursday, November 3, 2011

Portabella Mushroom Pizzas

Tonight while grilling hubby's steaks I decided to try something different. I took Portabella Mushroom caps (the large ones) and removed the stems. I then coated them with a little olive oil and salt. I placed them on the grill stem side down until they were tender on that side. When I flipped them over I added fresh spinach leaves, sliced cherry tomatoes, and whole milk Mozzarella Cheese. When the cheese was melted  I removed them drizzled them with a little olive oil and some cooked garlic.  I have seen these at Kroger but they are $7 for two of them and all they have is  cheese and spinach on them. I like being able to put other stuff in them.

These were low in sodium, high in taste and my children ate a whole on a piece.

This is the second day in a row that Wesley has given up meat when offered. I asked him if he wanted any steak tonight and a grilled hamburger last night. He has turned it down every time.

I let my kids make the decision on what to eat. They help pick out the food, they help cook it, and they eat what they want with in reason. So far they have been about 90% vegetarian since we started in that direction. I did grill some shrimp and they ate a few but not many. I am proud of them.

We are still experimenting and finding things we like to eat. Rebekka takes the fruit I keep and makes fruit salad with it. We bought a pomegranate for the salad this week.

The only problem we are going to have is eating out. Around here we do not have vegetarian or vegan food in restaurants. I live in the heart of the South. I am 2 hours away from Nashville or Huntsville Alabama.

Wesley is already planning on trying the tofu bacon, hot dogs and such. If I can get him to eat those may be he wont want to eat out so much.  I think he is going to miss what he qualifies as junk food.  I am really trying to stay away from processed foods due to my sodium problems. But I figure I can make him chips, pizzas, and such where they are way more healthier than store bought ones.

Tomorrow on the menu is spaghetti squash with garlic butter. I will let yall know how it goes.