Monday, September 26, 2011

Dulce De Leche Cake

I had some extra milk I wanted to use up this week. And since we are studying Spanish and my family loves cakes. ( Yes Bekka and I are diabetic) I decided to make a Dulce De Leche cake.

I went on the hunt for a cake from scratch. Here is the link I used.

I did not use the icing on it as that would have been way to much sugar for us. I also made mine in a rectangular pan since I am not in any way a cake artist. I can not decorate, or make a layer cake with out it falling into pieces. Yes I can cook and bake bread. I can not in any way make a decent looking cake. I wouldn't bother any way if I could. My hubby and Wes eat the cake faster than any one should. In fact this cake is already half gone and before breakfast in the morning it will be all gone.

I did poke holes with a fork into my cake before I poured the dulce de leche on it.

If you look closely you can see the vanilla bean specks in the top of the cake.

The other funny thing about this cake. I found out I have a Dulce De Leche Monster. I went thru the dining room a couple hours after dinner and there was a large lack of  Dulce De Leche and spoon marks in what was left. Even thought he took an icing spatula  and tried to hide it.   Alton Brown suggests you keep it in the fridge. I would have to make it every day in order to do that. This stuff is addicting.

Here is the spaghetti sauce I made for dinner in my dutch oven. I love the fact it is easy to clean since this made a huge mess around the sides.

I browned the hamburger meat, onion and green peppers. I added a Jar of Ragu and a can of diced tomatoes. I also added about half a jar of water. I covered it and placed it in the oven at 350 for about 2 hours. If I left it longer it would have been a little thicker but I had no complaints. Wesley said I needed to make this and put it on pizza dough and cover it with cheese.


Deray said...

Ese pastel se ve delicioso!

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